By Yvette Robinson

Doll Baby is a raw portrayal of Yvette's life after being exposed to the world's horrible truths. The story serves to be unexpected, impassioned, and thought-provoking to anyone who has encountered similar challenges. Doll Baby enables readers to empathize with the author and the struggles she faced.

About The Author

Yvette Robinson

Born and raised in Gainesville, Florida, Yvette Myers Robinson (Debbie), grew up in a packed household of eight children. Yvette has always been passionate about giving to others and sharing what she has to support and inspire hope. Nothing makes her happier than delivering happiness and contentment to others.

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Why Pick This Book?

Doll Baby features the visceral depiction of the life of Yvette, who has seen the horrible realities of the world. The story it tells is inspiring, impassioned, and unexpected to many who have experienced similar hardships. Readers can empathize with the author through Doll Baby and the experiences she endured.

Doll Baby follows the story of Yvette Robinson, who had to contend with a challenging upbringing that included abuse and immorality. Much of her early life included being raised with a large number of siblings and cousins. As a little girl, Yvette was still ignorant of the brutality of the world outside her home. Her family was supposed to protect her safety, but they didn't do it. Yvette had to deal with the fury of life at a very young age. People she trusted betrayed her, and she was able to see their ugliness. Soon after, Yvette discovered how to speak up for herself. With it, she found someone; the first to stand by her and support her despite the challenges they encountered together.

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Discover what the clients have to say about this book


The author writes as if she is having a conversation with you. Very engaging and it was difficult to put it down. I laughed and cried and then I laughed and cried some more. Most women will see themselves in some aspect of her story. This is a story of overcoming and victory through Jesus. I can't wait to see the realization of her dream to be on the big screen!!!


I may be a little biased but this is by far the best book I’ve ever read. From the moment I turned the first page, I couldn’t put it down! I love how the author was brave enough to tell and stand in her truth! Praying God will continue to open doors for her and allow her to reach her goals!

Amazon Customer

I am so thankful the author was brave enough to share her life experience. Many girls and women endure the same pain and are silenced out of fear and they never truly heal because of it. I commend the bravery and perseverance. Her story resonates with me on so many levels and I was moved to tears many times during the reading. To know that God carried her through the toughest times and blessed her to see better days truly encourages me. The moment I opened the book I was hooked and read it to completion the same night. A must read 10x over!!!!

Amazon Customer

This book was so interesting I was able to finish in one day and it was a great story to get out and be able to help someone with there struggles in life.


A Great Author, a Great Book, a Great Story that will encourage you to live. Understanding that suffering can produce success if you don't allow it to discourage you!

Danielle M.

This book is absolutely amazing and relatable. I am sure we have all experienced some of the things mentioned in the book rather it's molestation or not feeling loved. Please grab yourself a copy or 2 or 3.


What an amazing inspirational and motivational story that will motivate and inspire you to persevere in the midst of trauma hurt pain and rejection!


This book is awesome. It really spoke to my heart and encouraged me. It was interesting from the beginning to the end. God knows all and see all. Prayer is necessary. Order you book now.